Being trained by professionals specialized in their field and able to develop your skills and teach you a profession.

Working 12 months per year in the most beautiful destinations worldwide within prestigious tourist facilities.

Becoming part of a highly qualified team and joining innovative projects in the world of entertainemnt.

Dealing with a practical and economically reliable company.



Being available for at least 3 succeeding months (ideally 4/6 months).


Posses an ID valid for foreign travel for destinations within EEC countries and/or a valid passports for countries outside the ECC.

Language Skills

Being fluent in at least one foreign language (English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Dutch) for clubs with international customers.


Having a cheerful and open personality, with good ability to adapt and a lot of energy and passion!


Being predisposed for interpersonal relationship and team work. Good ability to listen, customer­oriented, sociable and open for dialogue.



Graphic designers, video operator, Head of Public Relations, PR, Head of boutiques, Guest Relations.


Head Sports, Fitness Instructor, Sport Instructor (archery, swimming, tennis, windsurfing, sailing, skiing), snorkelling guide, lifeguard (with license), tournament organizer (beach volleyball, bocce, soccer, table tennis, etc. .. ).

Childcare & Teenagers

Head MINICLUB (4-7 years), Head MAXICLUB (8-12 years), Head JUNIOR CLUB (13-14 years), Head TEENCLUB (15-17 years), MINICLUB Entertainer, MAXICLUB Entertainer, JUNIOR CLUB Entertainer, TEEN CLUB entertainer.

Technician / Artistic Department

Leisure manager, Head of Village, Head of Animation, Art Director, Choreographer, Assistant choreographer, professional dancer, Set Designer, Decorator, Sound/Light/Video Technician, DJ, Costume Designer, Seamstress, Piano Bar, Showman/Showgirl, Singer, Musician.

Guest Contact

Head of Daily Activities, Head of Guest Contact staff, All Around Entertainer, Hostess & Steward.


Applications submission

 The first step in order to gain access to our selections is to send your resume

Send a Mail or

Fill out the online application form


Once you have submitted your C.V. you will be contacted by 4FUNs HR managers for more information and to schedule an appointment at our office.

To ease even who live in distant cities, we organize during the year selections in different Italian and foreign locations.

During the interview we will have the opportunity to introduce the company 4FUN, destinations, roles we are looking for, the type of contracts, terms of payment and if you are in your first season we will give you all the basic information you may require.

If you are an experienced candidate, and / or if you show up with a particular role, please take us to see all the support material you posses (dvd, photos, showreel, etc. ..)

Depending on the time of year and your characteristics you will be asked to enter the free selection MAT (Master in Tourist Entertainment )


Some of our customers include the free training courses for selected candidates, to be made prior departure.

To find out the dates of upcoming interviews or the next MAT see our section

Always remember to attach a recent photo of yourself, provide us with your phone number and indicate your period of availability.
(if any, attach show reel or youtube links to video)

The online application service is free of charge, sending the form does not mean to create any contractual obligation or constraint. The data and images will be processed for the purpose of selection and possible contact in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (Privacy Regulation)