MAT, stand for Master di Animazione Turistica (Master in Tourist Entertainment). They are organized by 4FUN with the purpose of personnel selection and training.


They last for a weekend and take place exclusively in Italy; MAT are intended both to aspiring entertainers in their first experience and to those who have had several experiences in tourist entertainment.

At the end of each MAT, the candidates will be informed of the outcome of the MAT and within a few days will be proposed a contract.


They are organized for those who passed the selection and in posses of a contract. They can last from 3 au to 10 days.

Training MAT are refresher and specialization courses and are used to form a 360-degree personnel in accordance with the philosophy and the parameters of 4FUN.

During training MAT, 4FUN provides room and board to all participants.

At the end of MAT personnel receive handouts, dvds, contents and files necessary for the execution of the season.


For entertainers without experience:

  • Get to know the company, ts collaborators, the contracts and their conditions
  • Discover and test your skills, in order to be part of the team that most suits you
  • Give you a professional training as an animator
  • Give you a better opportunity to present yourself than a simple interview

For entertainer with experience:

  • Get you attend a professional refresher and specialization course
  • Evaluate in practice your experience and your management skills

What will we do?

MAT provides theoretical courses, practical workshops, the creation of a final show and a personal interview after which the candidate will be informed of the final outcome of the selection and in case will be formalized a work proposal.

For those who propose themselves as Team Managers, Head of Entertainment or technical roles (dj / sound and light techicians / set designers / costume designers) has been studied a tailored program.

How much does MAT cost?


However the candidate has to personally care about board and lodging.

For those who need lodging

  • 1st chance: You can organize yourself autonomously and send a confirmation email about participation, indicating that you will not need the hotel, simply indicating name and surname.
  • 2nd chance: Use the special “MAT” agreement  offered by the same hotel where the MAT will take place.

Want to take part in MAT?